We would like to inform you of our commitment in this particular moment following the diffusion of the Covid - 19 

coronavirus aimed at ensuring the safety of guests during the enitire period of their stay in our hotel .

We therefore give you information on some practices that have been recently adopted to ensure this goal .

We point out that for the daily routine disinfection of surfaces,furnishings,floors,doors,lift,corridors and bathrooms we use an effective biodegradable 

virucidal disinfectant harmful called Rely + On Virkon widely used also in medical and care facilities .

For the disinfection of the rooms and in particular for the rooms of the hotel at each customer change we use a vaporizer Electric ULV with fine atomization of

a chlorine-based product,quaternary salts and hydrogen peroxide .

Products are used for cleaning bathrooms and floors chlorine-based certificates : surfaces generally also come disinfected with 70.5% alcohol .

In many points of the hotel they are also available to customers and add the bottles with hydroalcoholic disinfectant gel 63% ready for use for frequent hand disinfection .

Althought fortunately today the virus seems less aggressive than a few weeks ago it is still good to keep it high the guard and attention in observing the indicated prescriptions :

this the use of the mask at the entrance is required of the hotel and in the common areas except of course the restaurant area and the spacing of 1-2 metres 

between people .

As you know for the moment buffets are still not recommended to avoid gathering people : we tried to adopt alternative solutions to maintain anyway satisfactory level of service offer .

We have also privileged open spaces as well in our hotel you can find a large outdoor area in front of the square and a lovely internal garden for relaxing moments .

We therefore hope that even during this particular 2020 season your stay will be pleasant and safe